Specific Terms and Conditions


Specific Terms and Conditions These terms and conditions of use describe the enjoyment and use of the service called DUMBOLA. The service described below is provided by:

ORASETILL PTE. LTD. Address: 100 TRAS STREET, #16-01, 100 AM, SINGAPORE (079027) company registration number 201805581Z mail: info@orasetill.com

خدمة DUMBOLA عبارة عن خدمة اشتراك تعمل على بث مقاطع فيديو 360 VR - مقاطع فيديو مضحكة - مقاطع فيديو Extreme - ألعاب HTML5 - مقاطع فيديو طبخ - مقاطع فيديو لياقة. المحتويات يمكن الوصول إليها من بوابة الهاتف المحمول ويتم تحصيلها من خلال رصيد الهاتف المحمول. هذه الخدمة متوافقة مع جميع الأجهزة التي تم تمكينها وتدعم بث الفيديو.

Before entering into this service, notification is given of pricing. When subscribing to this service you agree to being over the required age and that you consent to the charges.

The activation and use of the Service DUMBOLA constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service.

The service DUMBOLA is a subscription service.

The user will receive an on a weekly basis advising about the service and its pricing, this will be your billed subscription message.

The charge will be billed to the mobile number used to subscribe only.

Orasetill is not responsible for any interruptions in the delivery of service due to causes not directly attributable to it. Orasetill may, in its sole discretion, discontinue the service. The service is provided only in the form of subscription to the service at the frequency, specified below.

The Customer undertakes to use the Services and the Content provided by the Service in a lawful, proper and diligent, and so (with a list of example, and not exhaustive), in particular:

• do not violate provisions of the law, regulations, rights of third parties, including provisions relating to the law on copyright;

• Do not forward, reproduce, duplicate, and distribute the contents that are licensed for personal use only through a single terminal;

• not to disclose messages and / or pornographic material, racist, obscene, blasphemous or defamatory, and / or otherwise adversely affects the rights of third parties;

• not to cause damage or disturbance to be in place, however, telecom operators or other customers;

• comply with any restrictions on use of the Services reserved for adults.

The Customer therefore agrees to indemnify Orasetill from any liability arising from any use of services and / or contents disrespectful of the rules of fairness and diligence, as well as the violation of express contractual limitations and / or legal.

Costs for services: The fee is 0.150 Fils per day / Max 3,5 KWD per Month and shall be charged on a daily basis via the telephone account of your telecom provider. The fee stated is inclusive of the applicable GST. The fee is exclusive of mobile internet use charges.


Call the free number XXXXXXXXXX or send email to info@orasetill.com