Privacy Policy


The processing of data of service users is carried out in accordance with Act no. 196/2003.

I. Type of data

This statement concerns the processing of personal data, where personal data means "general" data and / or identification data (such as personal data, tax number, residence or place of residence, telephone number, photograph) as well as "sensitive" data. "Sensitive" data are, according to Article 4 (a), D) of the Dgs Act. 196/2003 "those personal data which may provide information on racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other world notions, political opinions, party membership, trade unions, associations or organizations with a religious, philosophical, political or trade union orientation or state of health or the sexual life of a person. "

In particular, the personal information required for the premium The required services only include the phone number of the user's mobile device services.

II. Obligation to provide data

The transfer of general personal data and identification data by the member, and thus consent to their processing, is mandatory, as Bamvas ltd needs this information in order to be able to provide the member with access to premium services. If consent to the processing of personal data is not granted for all the purposes listed below, the regular participation of the member in the premium services is impossible.

III. Purpose of processing

Processing of all personal data provided by Premium Services Registration is used to provide services to a member; quality control of offered services; fulfillment of all accounting and tax obligations; access to persons who are acting unlawfully only at the express request of the responsible authorities.

IV Methods of processing

Processing of general and sensitive person The data are strictly marked with electronic aids and in any case with storage data security and confidentiality. We have them all in our databases Measures are taken to store members' information in the protected area. All collected data are stored in databases.

V. data holder

Each authorized employee processes the data for invoicing purposes acquired digital content.

VI. Responsible for data processing

Bamvas Ltd, established in SM-Office-E1-1619 C, Ajman United Arab Emirates

VII Rights of the data subject

Under Article 7 of D. Lgs. 196/2003, a member has the right to access his or her personal information, request its correction, update and deletion if it is incomplete, incorrect or has been collected illegally; has the right to object, in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data concerning him on legitimate grounds. To exercise these rights, a member may Send the relevant request to the provider's registered office or by e-mail to

To this end, you should send a written request to: